To cook well, it’s not enough to like to eat. You have to love the process itself, put love into every minute of it. Love is the basis of all life, including cooking.”

Hey. My name is Mirinda, and I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and my hobby. The biggest passion of my life I consider cooking. I’m madly fond of cooking. I can stand by the stove for a few hours, after an eight-hour working day, so my family can enjoy delicious food for 20 minutes. So I can confidently say that all the dishes published on this blog have been prepared by me personally and approved by my family. But sometimes I have absolutely no time for a long cooking process, so on days like these it is very important for me to cook not only easily but also quickly, so I hope that you will enjoy cooking with me, different in complexity, but always incredibly delicious recipes of home cooking.

I’d really like you to know that it’s not difficult or cumbersome to cook at home, and that home cooking is not only healthy but also delicious.
As for my mini blog, it was born back in 2013. The idea of the blog was the elementary creation of an electronic notebook with recipes, which could always be at hand. It would not be possible to steal or lose it (yes, yes, exactly steal, someone from my mother’s many friends stole our practical half-century, eternally thickened notebook with recipes).

Since at that time I knew nothing at all about photography, let alone food photography, the purpose of my photos was extremely informative. I just wanted to capture the final result of the dish and at the same time take a picture of the process, so that I could understand what and how I cooked, in what sequence I processed the food, etc.

For a very long period of time my only helper in this business was the easiest camera “soapbox”, without any special functions and features. The maximum he could do was to take pictures with a resolution of 8 megapixels.

And what a naive person I was, thinking that those horrible pictures might be needed, so I processed them in Photoshop, adding a frame and a watermark.

It’s been over three years from the first blog post until today. I still love cooking, I still write recipes in my electronic notebook with the same passion, but I never got a decent camera. As well as an artistic taste for composition and photography, I guess. But, to tell the truth, already now I do not feel that huge need in its appearance. I understood that it is possible to take even very appetizing and decent pictures on the phone (though probably in three years and for them I will be ashamed). I started to read and visit various MKs on the subject of food shooting, and I really hope that my love of cooking and my dedication to self-improvement will gradually bear fruit and that I will finally begin to get decent pictures that really fit the taste of the food I have prepared.

Cook simple dishes, prepare delicious meals, cook for yourself in your own home kitchen.