What’s the difference between cupcakes and muffins?

The other day, I baked some cupcakes and gave them to my neighbor, which she disdained: “Can’t you just say cupcakes???” Of course, I resented the fact that she didn’t understand the difference between cupcakes, and muffins (we’ve already figured that out during the conversation), but I thought to myself that of course I understand the difference in the dough, but it can’t be that only it has all the salt.

So I decided to go deeper into the question: what is the difference between cupcakes, muffins and will share it with you.

Okay, let’s start with the muffins!

Muffins are small oval or round baked goods. Muffins can be both sweet and not sweet. Fillings for muffins can be very diverse: sweet, salty, fruity, vegetable and even meat.

Muffin dough uses little sugar, but many liquid components such as eggs and milk. In the process of cooking muffins, all the dry ingredients are mixed in a separate bowl, then in another separate bowl all the liquid ingredients are mixed. After that all are quickly mixed, but under no circumstances beaten, poured into molds and baked.

Muffins are considered to be a type of bread. The word muffin is mentioned in English cookbooks already in 1720, although in England it came from France, or rather from the French word moufflet, which means soft bread. According to another version, the English borrowed this word from the German language, in which muffe is translated as “a type of bread”.

In addition, muffins can be American and English. Dough for American muffins is prepared on the basis of a carving agent or soda. And American muffins are made from yeast dough.

Anyway, it’s clear that muffin is not a muffin, it’s a kind of bread.

Now let’s talk about cupcakes.

A cupcake is a sweet pastry with nuts, raisins or jam. Muffin dough can be biscuit or yeast. The main difference between cupcakes and other confectionery products is the cooking process. At first, the fat (be it butter, lard or margarine) is rubbed with sugar. After that, add the eggs and at the very end of the flour with an opener. Then knead the dough with a mixer. The consistency of the dough for the cupcakes should be moderately thick and very gentle.

Conclusion: A cupcake is a sweet confectionery product, which can be either in batch or large. The classic look of a cupcake is a confectionery product with a hole.